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06.17.2012 , 08:56 PM | #9
Today I was doing Athiss and I remembered reading about patch 1.3 coming out soon with the topic of "Create a Unique Look" and the Robe of the Insight dropped off final boss. Now, I know I was playing my Imp agent sniper and I can wear light or medium armor but, medium being main choice. I asked does anyone need this robe First reply was NO, and second was Go ahead take it, by that time I clicked on need before the timer ran out and then it happened. A Sith Sorc replied I need it. The rolls went out and I won. He opened trade and I tried to pass it over but the game would not allow it I crossed a sith and lived but, the offended player threatened to report me and started to harass me as well. I told him I was sorry, I even tried to do the trade, and I would take my time to post this topic into my forum. So, He said the developers wouldn't change the game just for me. I think the game needs to be improved to allow us to trade items when a mistake has been made like my previous massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Besides the topic was create a unique look soon and Robe of the Insight is pretty decent looking and the game developers gave me the choice to equip light armor and change all the stats to my own using armor , mods , and enchants. On a final note, I feel bad.