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AzraelCales, I responded via PM.

Yes, I did consider that. That's why, instead of demanding that Bioware release the name to me, I asked to be put in touch with the player who has the name in use on that server so that I could ask if he or she wouldn't mind giving it up. I never insisted that he or she give it up, but rather tried to find out if the name had any importance to him or her. Given that he or she hasn't responded to my in-game e-mail as of yet, it's quite possible that the player just reserved the name with a level 1 character and hasn't logged in to check his/her mail. It's also possible that the name doesn't have any signifigance to the player, so I thought I'd ask.

Unfortunately, there's no direct way for me to get in touch with this player if he or she hasn't logged on to the account. The game never tells you if your alts have e-mail and there's no way to check and see which player owns which character. Nor is there any way to PM the player here on the forums without knowing his/her username.

To the other posters who feel my pain: Thanks for your sympathy. I appreciate that others can see my point of view and am sorry that so many have had a bad experience with the transfers.
Sir, I respect you for not only handling this with style and class, but also for NOT being like SirCoppertard The Nublet. While your situations were similar, he went about it all wrong. Tbh, I'm pretty sure still that he was trolling, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Anyhow, I honestly hope you get your name back, or at least are able to talk to the person who has it. Fly safe, man. o7
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