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Artificers, cybertechs and biochems have a HUGE source of revenue from 61 mods / enhancements / ears. I sold enhancements and mods for like 20kk net. And now they give a chance to other crafters to earn some. I see this a fair choice.
UPD: Aye forgot about the relics the artificers can craft, too. That's a nice offer to people hating dailies.
In order to learn those 61 mods/enhancements, you have to either 1. Be satisfied with your gear to the point that Blackhole/Campaign is no longer an upgrade for you or 2. Just want to make money and accept that you won't have end game gear for awhile.

Second, it's not even a definite chance that you'll learn the 61 mod/enhancement. Meanwhile, arms/armor/synth are guaranteed to learn their augment kits. They can easily buy the recipes for the augment 22s. And the process of learning the augments don't require expensive Blackhole comms/campaign shells; you can easily get the mats to make the augments that need to be REed.

Third, augmentation kits are useful for any player, regardless of class. At least for 61 mods, they are advanced class specific.

So let's summarize "end game" crafting:
cybertech/artifice process


Cybertech/Artifice Limitations

Arms/armor/synth process

Augmentation Kits

Arms/armor/synth Limitations

Arms/armor/synth Benefits

I'm not saying that 61 mods/enhancements should be easy to get...they should be rare. But that doesn't change the fact that Cybertechs/Artifice have almost no "easily attainable" and mass marketable items to sell to the population.

I understand that Bioware wanted to limit the amount of available augmentation kits, but the fact is that they chose the wrong professions to make them. I don't see how it's balanced that the same professions that can make the augmentation kits are also the ones that make the very augments that go in them. Bioware could have achieved the goal of limiting available augmentation kits by giving the recipe to the professions unable to make the individual augments (cybertech/artifice/biochem) and ended up with a better balance.