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I mean that it puts much more emphasis on the PC's gender and the companion's and gives us legit homosexual characters instead of just PC-sexual.
I agree, but for different reasons. PCsexual is all very well, but when you come down to it, it's not true representation. I don't think extra emphasis on the gender of those involved is needed, just characters who are clearly not straight - instead of the ambiguous between state you get when NPCs are PCsexual.

However, having said that, I totally understand why Bioware did things that way (with DA2, because in other products, the bisexual characters (Liara, Leliana, Zevran) have been (mostly, Kaiden is an exception) clearly so (I am discounting earlier games, because it's early in the morning and my memory is terrible - so sorry for not mentioning the likes of Sky and Silk Fox)). (Does that make sense? I don't know, I haven't had coffee yet.)

There is not nearly enough 'definition' for the differences between characters and in my opinion, having characters with set personalities and set sexual preferences gives those characters a deeper and more realistic feel and at the same time gives us as LGBT players a definite feel of 'yes we do exist in this game' instead of just the shared pallet where every time we argue for the existence of such characters we just get slammed in the face by 'Player-sexual character not homosexual, get your gay **** out of my *Insert product here*.'
There is more they could do to make it feel that LGBT characters exist in the realm of Star Wars. There should be non-romantic option NPCs who are clearly not straight too. It's a big universe, someone's bound to be of a non-straight orientation. I know there are a few males you can come across who have very... campish (? hopefully that's not offensive) voices - but that means nothing (and oddly enough, mostly confined to the Imperial side - though that could just be a perception because I'm more familiar with the Imperial side).

Anyway, PCsexual works both ways. We should just laugh that off and say, "well, the PCsexual NPC in question isn't heterosexual either!".
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