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My other dream is to have a Dark Side lesbian romance with Kira Carsen, where I can get her to kill off Scourge or Doc, etc..

She might kill Doc without having to go Dark Side XD

My Light Side JK found him quite obnoxious at first. I stopped playing her in Act 2 though and rerolled her for the possibility of doin a Kira romance at some point.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rayla_Felana View Post

Apply this^ level of importance with your companions and their interactions in every class and you'd be set for a far deeper and much more important experience.
I don't get the concept of 'gender exclusive characters' = 'deeper' romance.

Ideally, I'd want as many open to both genders as possible....unless the romance is so gendered one way or the other that it would be tough to do so.