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Alright, just to get back slightly on topic... I was thinking. They HAVE made hints torwards making already existing companions available for SGR, right? Well, let's say that this is however NOT restricted to available romance options - which ones would you all want added? Just out of curiosity ^^

Personally I want Zenith, Rusk/lord Scourge and Gault. Hell, the latter I don't even care if it's available for both genders, I just want a romance with this guy XD
The one I'm most hoping for is Vector. I'd also like to see Quinn and Corso as SGRs. Can't say more because I've yet to play the other classes. (And I can't even play for a while, sucks to be a poor student :b)

I'd also like if I didn't have to start a new character to get the romance, but if it comes to that, I'm more than happy to roll my agent again, I really liked the character and the story. And dat voice.