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You don't get it. Part of building a community (you know, the whole idea of keeping the LFG system bound to single server) is to make sure our fellow players are aware of a bad apple. Putting someone on your ignore list helps you, but it doesn't help the next person who gets stuck with them. By making others aware of a dirtbag, you're doing your part to make sure the community is just a tiny bit better. (Of course, I do realize I'm most likely talking to a brick wall in the only person that matters is me generation)
Community died the day MMO's became popular. Community exists in small groups, that's nigh impossible now with thousands of people on your server. Community has now evolved into being Guilds.

You can cry all you like about this so called 'Me Generation' but that term is being thrown around at anyone who simply wants to be able to play the game they're paying for. I agree a game should be challenging and not just give a player all the rewards for none of the effort, but sitting around waiting for enough people to come online who are your level and want to do a Flashpoint is not working for something.

This game has had half a year to build any sort of Community on the servers, and there is none. There's nothing stopping people building Communities and there is no cross-server LFG to blame, people just don't bother.

MMO's are not what they once were, and people really need to get over that. Put down the rose-tinted glasses and start living in the present.