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If you actually decide to craft something, you may find you won't be able to buy the raw materials off of the GTN for the harvesting crew skill you don't pick or they may be real expensive as you level so if you really want to craft then you should consider skipping slicing. If you want pure credits, I'd go slicing and 2 harvesting skills (bioanalysis, scavenging or archeology). Personally I'd go scavenging and archeology because those items seem to be lacking on the GTN, again on my server. Anyway look at whats got a ton of stuff and what is missing a lot of materials on the GTN for your server and then make your decision.

One of my alts went slicing/archeology/bioanalysis. I make a decent amount of coin slicing the slicing nodes out in the world while running missions and I mail any harvested materials to one of my other alts that craft and can use those materials. Archeology materials are fed to either my synthweaver or my Artificer while bioanalysis materials go to my biochem guy. Scavenging also feeds 3 crafting classes Armormech, Armstech, and Cybertech. Bigger demand for Archeology and Scavenging materials although there are a lot of biochem guys out there too.
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