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Echo everyone else pointing out that not having much to do at endgame before actual launch is kinda sad. Yes there are people who have way more time to spend on this game then others. Those people are going to suffer a tad for not being able to fully do all the things that require a thriving lvl 50 community untill some portion of the player base catches up.

Also wanted to comment on a few points

Quote: Originally Posted by Kerraii View Post
The best gear MUST come from Flashpoints. Period. Chest, Legs, Feet, Head, Gloves, Arms, Weapons...every piece. This of course means Nightmare level being the top.

Dropped Purple Epic gear should be second as they should be Very Rare World drops.
Then World Boss level drops. ie if the World Boss is level 32 then that gear is tagged level 32
Then PvP, player level gear
Then Crafted Gear falls here. I say that because crafted gear , though it should be good, This includes the Orange moddable gear we are all getting at our levels. You have these at the right level. The crafted gear should never be higher then the others listed for their equal level.
Then of course comes the basic Blues and greens.
I would feel totally crappy if All of my crafting ability was only disposable mods and stims at endgame. I much prefer if each crafting skill has a few items that are very hard to make, yet top of the line gear. Otherwise crafting becomes a minor stepping stone and not very worth it in the long run.

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PS. Where are all these people I see not able to play?
I see a max of 150, per Phase I assume, in a zone at a time. In Alderaan I saw a max of 28 people on the planet. That is a level 27-33 planet then higher later. This would mean there was maybe 50 players through out the day on the planet?

I see 150 on DK constantly, meaning a constant flow of players. yet I see no one.
The game feels empty of players and I worry this Phasing is going to be an issue with the MMO feel of the game when they get to level 40-50.
150 a Phase does not feel MMO nor Heroic for a MMO game.
Please keep an eye on Phasing for the games MMO feel later on.
Phasing is there to prevent the need for massive re-spawn rate and fighting over kills and gathering nodes. Bioware has said that phasing is needed in early zones to help with these issues and as competition for content goes down the player cap per phase will climb. Also another indication that you are leveling faster than everyone.

Quote: Originally Posted by Princess_Chibi View Post
The EXP to level multiplier needs to be increased by 5.0x. It needs to take at least five times longer than it currently does to make next level. As-is, I'm halfway there and I'm not really happy about it. I'm enjoying the game immensely, but it's also "half-over" if we're going by level. I'm going to miss that level-up graphic at 50. Hopefully they planned ahead and the game will max at level 300 after several expansion packs and such.
Personally my plan is to experience the story for all 8 classes. I fell the pace of leveling is well suited for this type of player who wants to "finish" their class story and then experience the world from the point of view of another class.