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You are misinformed. Bioware's writers (including Patrick Weekes and Chris L'Etoile) have stated that Kaidan and Ashley were never "meant" to be bisexual, they merely considered it (and then decided against it because they believed the lines didn't match the character, as well as some cutscene/etc issues).

The voice lines you hear from the "hack" are simply male Shepard saying female Shepard's lines and vice versa. Before Bioware's current VA recording system, they did things more manually and thought it better to give both voice actors all lines instead of painstakingly singling out gender specific ones.
How am I misinformed? I stated that both options were edited out before ME1 was published, yet viable stuff was still left in. The build-up for the romance scene before going to Ilos has male Shep and Kaidan kissing. The animation is there, so they more than considered it, and there's other cutscenes left in as well supporting that idea... See Shep and Kaidan after losing command over the Normandy, post-romance cut scene among others. I heard they edited things out since they weren't sure how the Sci-fi Community would react to a gay Shep, gamers being mostly male and all. Kaidan IS bisexual in ME3, so that one was verified in the end.

*edit* Just read the disclaimer. Gonna stick to discussing SWTOR from now on, but my point was that BW is a company who have learned over time that a majority of their gamers can deal with SGR content, some even preferring it.