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I'm suprised that Coppertard hasn't graced this thread with his theorycrafting on the matter.

OT: Mr. KnightHawk, I feel for ya man, I do. On my server, I attempted to use a name that I have used in other games as well, and I had to settle with a variance of it. I had the name in Beta, and when TOR went live, to keep it, I had to add a ' to a portion of it. However, my other names of which I have used as much as the one I had to modify were not used. Picking a popular name has its disadvantages.
I'm waiting for SheldonCooperfield to start a new thread.

On topic:

OP, I hear ya and feel your pain somewhat. I've used one or two names since my first days in Underlight and EQ. This is honestly the first time I've ever lost them. However, there's no sense in me worrying about it. Stuff happens. I learned in EVE that nothing is that important in online games.
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