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What exactly is your gripe with F2P?
How is it in any way an insult to those of us that have been playing the game since launch?
How does it diminish your gaming experience?

F2P isn't the end of the game, it simply signifies that BW/EA thinks they can get a higher revenue stream through an alternate means, most likely micro transactions and pay to unlock future content. If new content is released every 3 months, you actually end up paying less in the long run. Instead of paying $45 over that 3 months, you pay $10-20 to get the new content patch.

As long as BW can maintain a content release schedule to keep players interested, it could mean more content arriving at quicker pace.
Have you looked at the difference between f2p and p2p games? I mean REALLY looked. f2p translates to either pay to win, or we will nickel and dime the **** out of you to get what you would already have on a p2p, or the quality of the game deteriorates exponentially. F2P players already have numerous games, most of the players here avoid those games for a reason and will leave if it goes to that model. I can assure you they will NO maintain anything close to the numbers they have now if the change to f2p
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