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06.16.2012 , 04:58 PM | #1

Can you upgrade an existing item's augment slot ?
(MK-5 --> MK-6 or MK-2 --> MK-6)

Also I have a spare augmented LVL 20 light-saber but with no augment in it.
BUT I have LVL 40 mods/enhancements/crystal etc.. on it currently.
When the game 1.3 goes live, will my EMPTY(augment slot) LVL 20 augmented light -saber be only a MK-2 augment OR will it conform with the highest level item on the my light-saber, which is for my case LVL 40 mod (MK-4)

NOTE: I know adding the highest lvl augment will solve the problem once 1.3 comes out but just curious how BW will handle this if this situation arises..

Thank you!