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06.16.2012 , 04:21 PM | #1
I felt compelled to post a thread about something that has been what seems like the main theme throughout pretty much the entire swtor community...

I'll start off by saying this is my first MMO. This is one of the few pc games ive played (reason being never had the funds to invest in a decent pc until recently). I never played kotor. And most importantly (because of people's comparisons) I've never played wow. But I happen to be a huge star wars fan. I'm sure you've assumed correctly when I say that I love this game.

I love this game because it is star wars. I love it because it's my first MMO. I love it because I have nothing to compare it to. And even though I'm a noob, I feel I've done enough research to have a fairly decent grasp on where the game is at. And yes, it's got it's fair share of issues. And I agree with the community on most things.

What bothers me, is the negativity within the community. I understand alot of people hate the game (my serious gamer friends included who all un-subbed after the first month). I understand alot of people get frustrated with how the devs handle certain things. I understand you feel like it's "wow w/ a star wars cover" . Yes i get it. You enjoy diablo more. And if that's the case, by all means move on. But please stop trolling the damn forums with your negative bull**it. Let us, who enjoy the game, do just that. Let us appreciate it for what it is, issues and all. You say "it's such a bad game". Ok cool. I respect your opinion and understand why you think so. But I Love it. And it's new and exciting and I get to create my own star wars character and rp the **** out of it. So let me do so, and keep your elitist opinion to yourself. Remember your first MMO? Remember how new and exciting and huge and wonderfully interactive it was? That's what swtor is for me. So let me appreciate it for what it is. And leave the forums to people who actually play and enjoy it.