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A change of pace as some parties on the Helicarrier actually try to get something done...

34. In which Vette and Pierce take Nalenne to Korriban (I/IV)

A planet built mostly with tombs
Seems a dismal locale to presume
That a student can thrive
‘midst more dead than alive…
It just has a bit too much gloom.

“Hey, Nalenne.”


“I got you a surprise. Figured you might like it.”

“What’s that?” Vette’s surprises were usually expensive but always amusing.

The Twi’lek beckoned Nalenne over and onto the bridge, where Pierce sat at the helm, staring down at a hazy red world. “One free trip to Korriban, and an appointment with some Sorceress there.”

“Um…what do I do with that?”

“What you promised to do weeks ago. Figure out how to unload the captain.”

“Vette,” said Ghost-Quinn irritably from his usual station.

Uh… “Vette, that’s….”

“What needs doing? I know, no need to thank me.”

“I appreciate the thought, but….”

Pierce spoke without turning around. “Milord, if that man stays on board much longer I just might snap.”

“But we’ve been working great. Straight victories for the last few weeks. I didn’t think there was a problem.”

“I’m gonna have to side with Pierce on this one, my lord. Quinn tried to kill you once, and now he’s just creepy. And you promised.”

“Shuttle’s in an hour,” said Pierce.

“I don’t need you guys dragging me through this.”

Vette crossed her arms. “Then why is he still here?”

“I’m standing right here listening, you know,” said Quinn.

“That’s the problem,” said Pierce, finally getting up and turning around. He looked Nalenne in the eye. “Past time we fixed this.”

“I can’t believe this,” said Nalenne. “You’re staging an intervention for a relationship I’m not even in?”

“No,” said Vette patiently, “we’re staging an intervention for the past-due eviction notice on the guy who botched your assassination. The fact that you’re not in a relationship with him is just a bonus.”

“It’s not like he could do it again.”

“Not the point, Nalenne. You’ll thank me later.”

“I’ll thank you later,” Pierce told Nalenne.

“There’ll be thankfulness all around,” concluded Vette.

“So who am I supposed to consult for this thing I didn’t agree to?”

Vette looked to Pierce, who checked the nav console. “Overseer Ragate. You know her?”

“Oh, ugh. Crazy woman. Put me through this stupid blood divination ritual. My clothes stank for a week.”

“Was it a useful blood divination ritual?” asked Pierce.

“Told me I would need Vette to succeed.”

Vette beamed. “See? This woman obviously knows what she’s talking about.”

Quinn had a sudden coughing fit.

“It was one sentence,” said Nalenne. “She didn’t even mention you by name.”

“It’s better than nothing, milord,” said Pierce.

“You feel awfully strongly about this.”

“You feel suspiciously weak.” Pierce looked from Nalenne to Quinn and back. “Don’t go in for the touchy-feely stuff myself, so I’ll only say this once. I know what the captain meant to you, even if I’ll never understand why. I know half of you thinks there’s a second chance and the other half knows the truth and you’re keeping your eyes shut hoping not to face it. Won’t work, by the way, and the attempt doesn’t suit you. You need this push. We’re happy to give it. There, deep thought done. Sooner we solve this, sooner we get back to a good scrap, eh?”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” said Vette.

“I’m a talented guy,” said Pierce.

Nalenne looked over to Quinn. He was watching her with a perfectly neutral expression. Oh, thanks for the help. She frowned at Vette. “I don’t have to do any of this.”

“My lord? I am willing to set foot on Korriban again, land of the slaves and home of some of the least pleasant months of my life, if it gives us even the beginnings of a hope that something can be done here. That should tell you how seriously we take this.”

“I’m not going to parrot some blunt ‘How do I kill him’ as stated by suddenly-bossy you,” warned Nalenne.

“Just as long as you go, I don’t care what you ask,” said Vette.

Pierce raised a hand. “Uh. I care.”

“Not helping,” said Vette.

“You’re going, milord. Right?”

“Quinn’s a jerk and tried to kill you. Hold that thought,” added Vette.

“I guess.” Nalenne rolled her shoulders nervously. “Just Quinn and me. Okay? But I’m not doing another blood ritual. Those are gross.”
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