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06.16.2012 , 03:17 PM | #1
ok so ill make this short and sweet... im mad, very very mad. if f2p comes to tor i will hands down leave an go back to playing WoW. I have been a dedicated player/subscriber since before launch, and wht will the players get in return for sinking all of our money into this game... not a thing. i promise the devs that i will take myself an my whole guild back to WoW and pay for their 100+ dollars in software just to play a paid for game.
bioware, here is a tip. get off your asses, stop being lazy, stop whining u have a job to do and content to provide us and do your jobs. if the community wasnt being dicked around for months with promises of this an that which never happend we wouldnt be ************.. get to work or i predict this game will go down fast.. f2p or not