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So is this a warning not to discuss when and whether or not Same Gender Romance Arcs will be implemented?
I think "when" is fine, but "whether or not" isn't. Lots of the people who cause trouble in the thread are ones who say SGRs will never be implemented. But we've been discussing "when" since the first thread.
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I actually don't believe 1.4 is the big story patch, where we'll see SGR and I'm ok with that. (shhh I didn't say this <----- )
All I care about is, that they do it right (add to existing companions - even max lvl) and that Mako is one of them
I wish it would be as simple as an extra companion quest, which will open up for all the romance questions. (ok, they might be coming as fast as a speeding bullet, but still lol)

Oh and hi from a long time lurker :P
Welcome to the thread.

There was supposedly some news a while back saying that 1.4 was going to have a lot to do with companions, but it was quickly pulled from news sites; I never saw it myself but other thread regulars said they did. Either way, we'll probably find out soon. I'm guessing 1.3 will come out in late June or early July, which usually means we'll start hearing about the next patch not too long after that.

And yeah, I'm also hoping it'll just be some sudden new companion quests for SGR-ready companions. Also: totally with you on Mako.