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The speeder perks grant the ability automatically when you purchase them, no trainer necessary.

As for costs and benefits, I appreciate the constructive and comprehensive feedback. I'm re-evaluating the numbers and seeing what can change (for example, I'm dropping costs on the companion affection perks and boosting the modifiers). Prices and benefits are not set in stone at this point, so thanks for helping test and evaluate them!
I noticed the price drop and increase in modifiers for the Companion affection perks. 90k for a 30% boost seems more spot on - I'd definitely consider buying them now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the experience modifiers feel too underwhelming.
Also, the Improved Space Mission Experience is currently underwhelmingly unrewarding.
I was at one point considering to level my lvl 36 operative doing space missions/class missions alone.
Doing all the level relevant space missions/dailies nets you about 30-40k experience a day.
Consider that you need about 250k experience per level (and rising), that 30% boost to space experience isn't going to get me any where any time soon...
So it's kinda missing the point of 'allowing me to choose my leveling style'.
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