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06.16.2012 , 11:57 AM | #24
Just wanted to point out that the less ELO loss for the team with a dropped member is a terrible idea. Its way to easy too exploit. "oh man we're gonna lose, quick 7 of you unplug your router so we don't lose rating"

If you want to provide a measure to mitigate these situations, you need to do it right. Take a snapshot of group members upon queueing and/or entering the BG. Only those members can be in the BG. If one disconnects, then the warzone lets him rejoin after say 90 seconds. The 90 second delay is needed so that people don't try to exploit the system to quickly run back to base or full heal and re-join right away type thing. Its also a short enough to delay to not necesarily be a game ender, and provides for a better option than not being able to rejoin for the next 10 min when the game has ended