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Ok, i need to learn how to figure out the cost of building stuff. What are the guide lines to deciding cost of building something. I know it costs me a bit to send my guys on missions but they usually return good amounts of stuff. Im not good at the marketing aspect of anything lol, so please explain it in special ed terms.
1) You need to keep track of the cost of the material you buy / get from missions. This will give you your cost to aquire the material.
2) You need to look at the GTN to see what others are selling similar items for.
3) Decide how much premium you want to charge over your cost and still be in the market. If your items are always listed for 10 - 20% above the market you likely won't sell anything.
4) Contemplate the seller's charge on the GTN into your price. I think the charge is 6%.

This is where things can get very frustrating. It seems that most players strugle with this concept and they will sell items for way under their cost let alone at a profit. When I see the GTN filled with under priced items I typically don't make that item(s) or wait until they're of the market. I hope this helps.
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