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Stannis Stormtide.


Place of Birth:



Average build.

Hair Color/Style:
Black hair, balding.

Facial Appearance:
Stannis has a lean, strong-jawed face dressed with a neatly-groomed beard as black as the hair that remains on the top of his head.

Eye Color:

Body Appearance:
Here he is in-game!

Home Planet:

Current Residence:
The Dauntless, a Republic capital ship.

The Jedi Order / The Republic.

Jedi Master / Chief Strategist aboard the Dauntless.

Although in posession of a set of battle armour for the rare occasion where he must seen combat first-hand, Stannis more regularly opts for his Onderonian-style military uniform, which he wears as part of his duties as a Jedi serving in the Republic Navy.

Primary Weapon(s):
His lightsaber.

Secondary Weapon(s):
The Force.


Born as the firstborn son and heir to a duke on Onderon, Stannis never ascended to the realm of nobility like his father planned after the Jedi Order took him into their custody for training with the approval of his mother. A three year old at the time, Stannis was blissfully unaware of how his life had been changed dramatically, and it was almost a decade and a half later - when he finally passed the trials after serving as the Padawan to a Kel Dor Jedi Master named Olg-Dun - that he was allowed information concerning his parentage. The temptation to resign from the Jedi Order and take up his birthright was present in the young Jedi's mind for some time, but eventually his discipline and dedication to duty above all else ensured that he turned his back on his inheritance, which instead found its way into the hands of the younger brother he had never met. Instead, Stannis dedicated his life to the role of a Jedi Knight, eventually attaining the rank of master after training his own Padawan - a Nautolan by the name of Fey - to Knighthood.

Any happiness or satisfaction Stannis may have felt from his Padawan's achievement was not allowed to last, however. Whether by the will of the Force or simply incredible misfortune, two days after Fey had reached Knighthood the Jedi Temple on Coruscant found itself under assault by the returned forces of the resurgent Sith Empire. Stannis was offworld at the time, familiarising himself with the role of Chief Strategist aboard a Republic cruiser as it stood guard over the peace summit taking place at Alderaan, and it was there that he received the news that his former Padawan had died alongside hundreds of other Jedi as the capital of the Republic was laid to waste by Sith forces. It brought a bitter taste to Stannis' mouth when the Republic and the Jedi Council agreed to sign the Treaty of Coruscant. Since then the man - who was never an overly joyous person to begin with - has become even more grim and irritable than before, and rarely has time or patience for those he deems fools. In particular, since learning that a gun-for-hire bounty hunter had a significant role in the fall of the Jedi Temple, Stannis has grown particularly mistrustful of mercenaries and smugglers, no matter who they claim allegiance to.


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