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Juhani and Female Revan is still a very viable lesbian romance option, not available to Male Revan, just because it's not outright blatant fade to blacks, etc... that doesn't mean much of anything and to add even more on top, Visas Marr is an option for Female Exiles as well, as long as you gain no influence with Mical, he takes over her no matter what if he has even just some influence, it's easily missed and is almost an easter egg, but it is in there.
Can't comment on KotOR2, but yes, Juhani's romance with female Revan did actually make the final cut... It was bugged, and very fragile (easily broken), but it was there.

Juhani, Sky, Silk Fox, Zevran, Liara, Kaiden, Samara, Morinth, Anders, Kelly, Isabella, Merrill, Leliana, Jack(a blatant bisexual.), and so many homosexual one-night stands I can't remember.
Here we go again. We don't know what Jack's orientation is. She was once in a relationship with a couple (male/female couple). It ended in mutual betrayal. She is not available for female!Shepards to romance in either of her appearances in the Mass Effect series. Please don't say she's bisexual as if it is fact, because it is not.
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