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My name is Bryan, I think Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the best games out there, but it lacks some features and ideas that jump right out at me. Lets work together to make this game grow, improve, and make players want to play for many years to come. First off, Guild Finder seems to be missing which is a feature of the game that lets me search open guilds to join as well as have my own guild represented for others to see and request membership. I don't like jumping into a guild simply because the name sounded good or being given only the option of finding a guild when someone posts into General chat channel of the game and thats another problem is the flooding of people advertising on the chat channel to join their guild. I'm a loner and I like it that way but I will be making my own guild if the game were to have such a feature added. A mature 18+ or act 18+ guild where respect and kindness are a requirement at the very least. Second, A Flashpoint & Operation finder needs to be added which allows players to select a role of play such as tank, dps, or healer and be grouped with other players as soon as possible, and while we on that topic lets not leave out cross server hookup so the game works as a whole unit and picks players from any server and matches them up, this will make players on smaller population servers happy as they will be able to stay on smaller population servers and yet have the game match them with groups quickly using a cross server hookup.

Many of my ideas are not new, I'm just bringing them to the table for developers to review and take action ! I will be submiting ideas everyday I'm alive and playing. This is a game I look forward to playing the rest of my life as long the content and good development keeps turning up the gameplay.
I do not agree with the Yellow underlined part because things like Cross-Server really does kill a game because it becomes very casual and when a game becomes casual then people just log on to go into the LFG for loot or whatever they want and get off, just look at WoW that killed their community.
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