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06.15.2012 , 11:09 PM | #9
My fiancee and I also stayed on our server. We're on Dreshdae Cantina and the two of us and a couple friends are considering starting up a new guild as ours has left. We're pretty comfortable where we are, and we don't feel like losing our names as we've been using them for many years in other mmo's. The community is good, and was good before some people left for shadowlands. I'm actually surprised how many people stayed. Some players were screaming abandon ship type stuff before the transfers took place, but there is a good chunk that stayed.

Totally understand not wanting a wait time to log-in. These servers that are destination will soon have the population thin out as people will get tired of the lag, and I'm willing to bet some will start going to their old servers and starting over.
I understand why BW is doing them, however I think they should have waited with them till after 1.3 with the LFG tool, and if people were still not happy, THEN open up transfers.

We may be starting up a new guild in a couple days and trying to recruit as many people still on our server as we can, and trying to get some new players to start on our server. We need to repopulate the server.

If you're interested please drop a message to myself Tron empire side or, my fiancee Suvi also empire side as we'll be out of the country for the weekend but should be back by Wednesday at the latest.