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Melony, Chiss Jedi Knight. Some spoilers for the fem!JK/Doc romance. Mayhap spoilers for other Jedi Knighty things, just in case I toss those out. And humor because the world needs more humor and crack, lots of crack. =D

Eanelinea, Chiss Agent and mother of Melony. Spoilers for the fem!agent/Vector romance because they're the parents. Plus some spoilers for the agent in general just in case.

This is supposed to be mostly about the Allies submission, but looking at it, it’s seems to be more a combo of that challenge and the two new ones. Hey, no one said I had to follow directions…completely anyway. =D


Author’s Notes:


I love writing crack. =D
Bioware, please don't turn our love interests coming back into the cheap KOTOR style dialogue!!!

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