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12.18.2011 , 04:16 PM | #1
mister Jeff Hickman, as the server queve post is closed i had to make this.

Apart from the large errors in-game (like resorc that cant be harvested) and game frezing for nothing, apart from all that im dissapointed about the queves, as nothing is being done (this is a problem that was perfect show in the last 2 betas) and this isnt worthy of BioWare, u only did some of the best games of the last years, u cant expect that us players (custumers) accept waiting 2:30h to be able to play a game that we will have to pay, to be able to play it. i can accept the queves (never happend to me in all the MMO ive played and i did play almost 90% of them) but with i and most of us players cant accept is waiting 2h or even more to be able to play a game, im sry but this has cant be explained, this shold had been perfectly predicted as SWTOR set the record for pre-reservs and yet as we see nothing was done. so plz explain this to us players and customers

(sorry for my bad english)