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What is the plan to improve the pvp awards so that those of us who pvp can actually afford all the pvp gear and crafted things without doing pve content?

Background: The cost to get orange gear, mod your armor, and some other things that are almost certainly pvp orientated cost more money then I can generate by pvping alone. For instance it costs 44k to pull out a war hero mod. It costs me 147k for an augmented slot armor piece that was in the battlemaster set, which is fairly standard. The cost to buy stims and med packs is not cheap. Nor is leveling biochem if you want to offset those costs as opposed to buying from another player. The fact of my recent experience is that pure pvp players like myself who prefer to engage in pve sparringly are being forced to pve just to support our passion and/or take up crafting. I didn't enjoy the crafting system enough to want to engage in that. I found it cost me a ton to build up purple skills for things that had no value compared to what I invested in crafting. I made more from selling mats.

I am literally in no position to even consider legacy investments without pveing to make enough credits to buy them. No offense but having to do daily pve just to mod my pvp armor is driving me crazy. I don't think I waste credits. I mean I cannot even have 2 sets of armor for appearances. I would like to spend more but cannot without taking a bunch of efforts to gain money.

Thank you.
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