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Quote: Originally Posted by Darzil View Post
That'd also destroy the crafting market. Anything you critted could not be sold, so you'd end up destroying it. On the other hand, crafted stuff would be no better than anything else you found, so you'd not be crafting anyway!

Sorry, but no.
Augment SLOTS should be BoP, not crit gear, since crit gear will be obsolete. And I make plenty of money selling non-crit gear as it is.

Quote: Originally Posted by ZudetGambeous View Post
Biochem BoP stims are really bad. If you are using those then you really don't care about the stats that much anyway.

As long as you could only get up to Augment 15 or so BoP and then everything above that was BoE THEN it would be balanced with Biochem.
They're better than nothing.

Quote: Originally Posted by Pearasite View Post
Really dude?

If stims are the issue then why are you trying to adjust something else?

If stims are unbalanced then suggest a way to fix stims, not some poorly thought out way to balance them by completely breaking something else.

Another QQ thread proposing some ridiculous change with no supporting evidence.
So you'd be much happier making Biochem as useless as every other crew skill for gameplay, rather than other crew skills be as useful as Biochem for gameplay?

Quote: Originally Posted by GnatB View Post
And equally broken. No skill should have an intrinsic advantage for having the skill other than making money by selling what the skill produces. Yes. They STILL need to fix biochem. (and cybertech) to remove/unrestrict their reuseables.
Equally broken? You realise that means 'balanced' don't you?