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SW:TOR has, over the course of its existence, continually expanded and improved upon the ability to customize the appearance of our characters, notably including the 1.3 updates to social armor and the augment kit that allows any gear to be augmented.

There is, however, still a very blatant gap between the ability to have one's character look like one wants and the ability to wear gear that is the most useful regarding stats and abilities when working through the first few tiers of gear at level 50 (Tionese, Columi, and Rakata... edit: oh, and Battlemaster!).

It has been repeatedly asked, and repeatedly answered, that the armor mods for these 3 tiers do NOT have the ability to carry their set bonus onto the (ever-expanding choice of) modifiable gear. The reasoning stated has been that the armor sets are somehow coded differently.

Will SW:TOR ever attempt to fix this gap discrepancy between the stated intent to allow players to look how they wish while still having the potential to have BiS items? It really seems like new 50s are left to choose between looking how they wish to look and (literally, for a sorcerer) wearing the Dunce Cap of Ultimate Power and Clown Costume of Unending Force...