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Quote: Originally Posted by Totaltrash View Post
Darth Sion gets warzones from 12pm -12am, sometimes longer on the weekends.
There were still 50 people on fleet on a daily basis and sometimes 70-80 on the weekends during peak hours.

At least that's what it was like until THIS Monday!

Now the whole server is paralyzed by Bioware's indecision and lack of information - nobody does anything anymore, just wait, wait, wait and check the transfer list.

How hard can it be to count active players and active subscriptions?
Bioware has all the exact statistics, so this is just a matter of simple arithmetic!

I can only assume the server merges are orchestrated by some MBA's in corporate HQ, while the actual programmers, engineers, and game developers have little say in the matter.
It might be that they are trying to get accurate numbers for the weekend on not only your server,including those who may log in after a break anticipating the transfers, but also an accurate population number for the planned destination server(s) so they don't create unintended issues of login queues and lag.
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