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Thank you so much for acknowledging my ideas and post Lsheistaon. Before I leave for work this evening I like to toss out the idea that the game consider Free To Play up to level 15 where in most cases you get a ship. This free to play idea will allow new players at any given time to try the game not just during promotional periods. Another thing is perhaps a few TV ads too , I have noticed a decline in the TV promotion. Make a new TV ad too thats current and grabs the players attention making old accounts want to renew and new players see the game in a better respect. I'm thinking you should make my previous ideas happen first before you do the new TV ad , it just makes it easier to have something to mention or show to the new and old players who closed accounts. If you don't want to read my previous post those ideas were Guild Finder & Flash points and Operations Finders with possible cross server hookup. But, the Free to Play anytime up to level 15 is a winner of an idea.
They've already announced plans to create a free trial that limits you to 15, actually. It sounds like it won't have a time limit, either.