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I have a theory on what is taking so long with the remaining servers waiting on transfers. The remaining servers may be the more densely populated(and I use the term densely in relation to the population of dead servers not compared to the thriving destination servers)than the ones that have been transferred and BW is looking at the metrics,analyzing the weekend populations to determine which of the remaining servers should be merged into 1-2 more superservers per region.

I need a little bit of help to disprove this or strengthen the theory. My old server is Shadow Hand, Imperial fleet seems to vary from 40-70+ on weekdays and weekends but Republic side is clearly more dead with the Fleet population being 15-35 on weekdays and weekends. If anyone else has average populations for the remaining servers please feel free to post them.
Yeah, I think you're right. Hyperspace cannon get's pvp matches from 4-10 pm most every day without waiting and on fleet we have 15-30 during peak time with 4-20 on any given planet. We are better off than most so I was not surprised they are making us wait. And wait we will, it looks like there is a good chance more won't be done till next week.