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As the original list is out-of-date, I thought I'd do a new one.

Servers still awaiting transfer status announcement

EU English - PvE
Bacca's Blade
Dune Bantha
Hidden Beks
Hydian Way
Luka Sene
Nightmare Lands
Peragus Mining Facility

EU English - RP-PvP
Lord Calypho

EU French - RP-PvP

EU German - PvE
Darth Andeddu
Exar Kun
Force Harvester
Lenico Gargantuan
Odacer-Faustin Academy
Sith Triumvirate
Supreme Commander Stantorrs

EU German - RP-PvP

US East - PvE
Anturi Reach
Colonel Tobin
Corellian Run
Crevasse City
Darth Bandon
Firaxan Shark
ICE Breaker
Mind Trick
Shadow Hand
Sith Wyrm
Tarro Blood
Thana Vesh

US East - PvP
Belgoth's Beacon
Darth Malak

US West - PvE
Darth Sion
Hyperspace Cannon
Space Slug
The Jekk'Jekk Tarr
Veeboo Lunx
Zakkeg Beast

A few noticeable points.

1) 80% of servers already know their status after three days. Only 43 servers out of 217 remain.

2) The PvP servers seem to have been pretty much sorted while there are still a number of PvE hanging on. There are only two straight PvP servers remaining (Belgoth's Beacon and Darth Malak on US East). This makes me wonder if Bioware are thinking of designating a new PvE destination server in each of these areas. This would be good in my opinion as - always assuming they have sufficient population - it means those arriving late aren't last in the queue for names.

3) There are RP-PvP servers left in EU English, EU French and EU German. I'm not on one of them, but I fear Bioware intend to lump them together. If people were genuinely RPing, it could be fascinating having communities with genuinely different languages on a server. I worry that the players would hate it and you could hear the whining from the galactic fringe. Maybe I should be optimistic and hope they'd approach it positively, it could be great fun. One of my favourite things about MMOs is meeting people from other countries and cultures, I always think it's a shame Americans miss out on it (at least in WoW and SWTOR if not all other games) and that we miss out on playing with them.
Thanks for the update! I'll update my list at the top.