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Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez
All right folks, I have an update for you.

As mentioned before, because of the logistics in monitoring the rate of character transfers and population shifts onto destination servers, our cadence for opening up origin servers will change day-to-day.

As we approach the weekend, we want to be careful about where to allow additional servers to transfer to so as not to overwhelm current destination servers. Many weekend players will be logging in, contributing to our overall analysis.

This means that we need to monitor populations and rate of transfers over the weekend before opening up new servers. We understand that players are anxious to transfer, but please be patient during this process so that we can deliver the best gameplay experience that we can offer.
Well this just went up fairly recently. it appears we won't get transferred until next week or much later today if the stars align, Mars is in retrograde and Hailey's Comet comes way earlier than it should.
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