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06.15.2012 , 12:36 AM | #146
I really wish there were perks that you just unlocked by earning legacy levels, especially after 25, since there is currently nothing. Shouldn't earning so much legacy alone be enough to earn some sort of perk? The massive amounts of credits on top of it is just ridiculous. They don't feel like perks, just like you unlocked a store. Being lvl 50 legacy currently means basically zilch, especially if you're poor or would rather spend credits on one of the other numerous money-sinks in this game. I think many of the perks are really neat; I just feel like earning legacy lvls doesn't feel like much of an achievement when you know it will be ages before you can afford anything cool (particularly for those of us who don't pour hours into operations, where I suspect the people who can afford things are making much of their money).
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