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There are 3 main types of quests: your class quest which you have to do, a planet quest (for the governor or ambassador or some other official, usually made available right as you enter the spaceport), and side quests, often 3-4 in each area you visit, including flashpoints and heroic quests. There are also space game missions available from your ship and other flashpoints and ops in-game, as well as area quests and bonus quests triggered as part of another quest, and bonus series after finishing a world quest for a planet, but those are the 3 main quest types while leveling.

If you do all/most all the class and planet quests and their associated bonuses plus killing random mobs on the way, you should be OK with leveling. To be sure you can do bonus series as they become available. Just be sure you've been looking for side quests along the way on the mini-map, and be sure you're visiting the correct planet for your level (every planet has a recommended range of levels associated with it).