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Some areas of lost time could be:
- between the killing shielded adds and returning to the bosses.
If your dps are unsure when the AE has stopped before running back to the boss they could be losing dps time on the boss. If no-one touches a shield generator the shield will be up beyond the safe point to run back out.

- between sound/voice notification of pending adds and getting off the bosses.
If your dps are too slow getting away from the bosses to the adds they can be knocked back/slowed/damaged out in the open. This is lost time from dpsing the adds and getting back to the boss.

- excessive movement of dps on Stormcaller to move for DD.
If your dps are moving about to get double destruction they could be losing precious dps. You can stack your dps on top of each other in such a way that they get positional attacks and dont need to move at all for DD.
The tank controls the proximity to ensure the two dps or dps + healer get DD. They just swing the turret around to centre and back up slightly without dps losing uptime.