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Actually I wasn't left behind I was on a destination server that was a nice size before and is hideously overcrowded now. Time to start over <sigh< so I deleted all my characters to begin on one of the source servers. I'd rather be on a dying server than have to take a number and wait in line to log in, to get quest objects, to kill quest mobs, to ...

I figure 1-3 months of peace and then they will kill the source servers because they are too empty - and whose fault is that? But maybe they won't. Maybe they will merge empty servers into eachother. Maybe the horse will learn to sing. Not much to lose by trying - the destination servers will be less crowded in 3 months as all the people pissed off at how this was handled head elsewhere.

Any guilds that stayed behind and are looking to build back up a bit respond here or send me a SWTOR mail. East Coast PvE only please. I created 8 characters on Assassins of Sion (I liked the name) but for a good guild I'll abandon a few days of progress getting back to 50. Either faction - I've played both.

Thanks. If I just wanted one server I'd ask in that server's guild sub-forum but since I'll go almost anywhere this seems like as good a spot as any to post.
Soooo, you deleted your characters on a destination server, 3 days into the transfers rather than let this all die down and see what it is going to be like in say, a week .. yeah, nice temper-tantrum ...

God forbid other people play on YOUR server .. you take those toys and go home !!!!
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