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06.14.2012 , 01:49 PM | #3145
So, I'm wondering, at any point in the future, will we be able to transfer from PVE-RP servers to PVE servers (and vice-versa)?

Most of my friends have moved most of their characters from Trask Ulgo (PVE-RP) to The Projenitor (PVE-RP). I was hoping that I'd get the chance to move my Bounty Hunter from Kellian Jarro (PVE) to join them, but it seems like this wont happen with the current system.

I can move to The Red Eclipse (PVE), but my friends aren't on that server.

If these server transfers are really intended to allow me to play with my friends they're going to need to be a little less restrictive. (Seriously what were the chances my friends would have been on The Red Eclipse?)

I can understand why they didn't make a PVE-RP server the sole destination for any of the PVE servers (as it would mean anyone leaving would have to go to a PVE-RP server and may not want to RP), but couldn't it have been an option? Let people move to either The Red Eclipse (PVE) or The Projenitor (PVE-RP) and the same with the RP servers, give people the chance to move to a PVE server if they find they don't RP like they originally thought they would. I don't RP with random people I'll admit (why I chose a PVE server) but I may well with my friends.

Is there any chance of me being able to do this move a little later on in another stage of transfers? I don't want to move to The Red Eclipse in case that doesn't become a origin server. But if I'll never be able to move PVE -> PVE-RP (i.e. The Projenitor) then I may as well call it quits or move to a populated server and face the fact I wont be able to play this character with my friends.

Same applies with my Dune Bantha characters.