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I'm all for the transfers, I just wish that the people who came to my server would STOP complaining about how Bioware 'forced' them to transfer.

This transfer process was a completely free, completely optional, customer requested service. If you transferred, you chose to do so of your own free will. No one forced you to do anything.
Go log on to one of those servers these people came from. when you're at the fleet and you're the only one there. At that point you've got a couple of options.. 1. Pretend you're Will Smith in I AM LEGEND, or 2, Find a new home or start over entirely on a new server. LA moved to EH. I got on Sanctum to avoid the trashy erp guilds in LA. Now Sanctum has moved to EH for the most part. Sanctum is pretty much dead, going to EH means dwelling among the pervs again. There are people actually doing SWTOR RP on EH so maybe the decent RP will balance out the long coat wearing hanging around the school yard types that moved to EH too.
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