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Favorite planet stories:

(1) Imperial-side Belsavis. The freeing of the Dread Masters is pretty epic. My bounty hunter insulted the crap out of them, was force-choked, and then told how impressive she was. My Sith warrior, on the other hand, aided the Masters in driving the poor Republic warden insane enough he killed his own troops. Either LS or DS, the quest line is incredible and I look forward to seeing what Bioware does with the batcrap crazy Dread Masters in future updates to the game.

(2) Imperial-side Taris. I really disliked Thana Vesh and never fail to kill her at the end of the planet story line. That, and completely destroying the same spaceport my smuggler had helped preserve earlier in the game, ended up being pretty amazing.

(3) Republic-side Correllia. There's just something spectacular about truly defeating the bad guys and running them off the planet, hehe.
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