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While I still believe a ton of things in this game need help, I will say that for me personally the server transfers were one of the best things to ever happen to SWTOR. It was very fast for me and my small guild to move over. It didn't even take five minutes to move all six of my characters to the new server. When we did get them moved over, I was amazed at the population of my new home. At one point there were over three-hundred people on the fleet. Our number was never higher than 20 or 30 before. People were calling out LFG's left and right and when I went to pvp I was surprised at how much more balanced the teams felt even when I went in with my lvl 50's. Overall, I'm impressed. I still think some other things need to come very soon to the game, but overall, this was an amazing and needed accomplishment. Very good job Bioware, keep up the good work.

To let me clarify, when I say balanced teams in pvp, I'm talking about how on my old server you could get into pvp and find that the other side was made up of like four troopers and four healers and vice versa for the imperial side and there snipers/marauders Now there seems to be a happy mix.
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