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06.14.2012 , 06:00 AM | #7
At lvl 46 i recomend this build for max damage pve
Remember to fix your armor after dying a few times so you can take more damage.Learn to use the gunnery build
well and you will never die to a pve enemy while lvl up. Have med packs for hard fights and use Elara Dorn to heal you.
Remember to use you shield in the start and when he comes close, after stunning the monster use your heroic ability to finnish the cooldown on cryo grenade.
And with this build you have 2 good knockbacks stockstrike/concussion charge you can use during the fight.And remember to also hit recharge cells when you are out of ammo during the fight.

For the best damage in a fight start with mortar volley then full auto,then grav round to get the cooldown away
on fulla uto, in between use high impact bolt after getting it to hit harder by using grav round 5 times first.
Have done that fight 3 times,and only died in beta because i was poorly geard and dident know how to play the class well.

And dont use charged bolts, waist of time.Also use pulse canon for close combat, does good damage.
With this build remember to use correct cell Armor piercing cell.