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30. In which Quinn steps slightly out of character to get jealous

I say that today’s post is out of character. My Quinn complains a lot, and he’s pretty raw towards Nalenne. I prefer to think that he talks a lot about the grievances between them, what he expects from her professionally, and whatever bothers him that he can frame as strategic or tactical advice, but that his complaining mostly ends there.

On the other hand, this image made me giggle. And really, look at him. He’s lost his commission, his assumptions of reality, the very control and sensory experience of his world. He’s still trying to come to terms with what and where he is. He’s in a bad mood a lot of the time. And he never liked that Jedi.

A crew on a small enough ship
May find tensions rise on each trip.
Though secrets are few
Each imagines a slew
And expects confirmation to slip.

“According to my analysis, my lord, maximum damage can currently be inflicted on this moon in the Dantooine system. Dense enemy troop population, several city targets to blow up. Pierce and Broonmark should be ecstatic.”

“Excellent,” said Nalenne. “You know I could never manage this planning stuff without you.”

He looked at the hand she was unsuccessfully trying to lay on his immaterial shoulder. “Yes,” he said, “you always do seem to go for your opposites.”

“’Always’? ‘Go for’? What, do I have a pattern?”

Quinn frowned and looked out the window. “I heard you talking with Jaesa earlier. About the pros and cons of annihilating villages in enemy territory.”


“You’ve grown remarkably…close, my lord.”

“You’re….” Nalenne blinked. Then she suppressed a laugh. “I should be close to my apprentice, don’t you agree?”

“Your favoritism is remarkable.”


“Yes, my lord. You pay her a great deal of personal attention.”

“You’re jealous. You’re actually jealous of Jaesa Wilsaam.”

“She spends more time in your bed than I ever did.”

“You know we’re just watching movies on the holoprojector I shelled out to upgrade in my room. Also, Jaesa can squeeze me into her schedule for more than 10.3 minutes a day, unlike some partners I could name. I think the point three was the part that bothered me the most. Where is this even coming from?”

“When she fought you, you spared her life. Not mine. And you’re always staring at the…back of her robe.”

“You know how awful Jedi robes look when they’re not draped right. It’s kind of obvious. I let her know so she can discreetly adjust.”

“Whatever you say. My lord.”

“Why are you so mad about this? Did you not have a problem with that time on Dromund Kaas when I excused myself to run off with Lord Draahg alone for six hours, then came back drenched in sweat and giggling like a schoolgirl?”

“At least Lord Draahg was a real Sith.”

“Malavai – “

“See! You only call me Malavai when you’re desperate.”

“That’s not true at all. I also – that is, there were other….”

“When you’re desperate or when you’re having intercourse, or anticipating it. I consider my point proved.” He ground his teeth for a moment. “Both of us laid a deadly trap for you, but only I got killed for it.”

“Jaesa set up a lousy two Jedi, one of whom died in ten seconds flat, the other of whom…mm, that was actually nice, beating him and breaking his spirit.”

“See? Not only did you leave her alive after that setup, you actually found it pleasurable!”

“I am not having this conversation. Hey, Jaesa. Want to stay in my room tonight?”

Jaesa looked up from her reading. “Master, setting up an artificially suggestive scenario for the sole purpose of hurting Quinn is a sickening idea.”

“We can make a pillow fort.”

Jaesa wavered.

“And read classic Mynock comics and argue who made the better Mankababe.”


“If you don’t accept, Halee Robs will be canonically the best one. Way better than that sad Seline Hyle.”

“Fine. Pillow fort. Because you’re wrong.”

“You’re a dear.” Nalenne turned back to Quinn. “It’ll be an extra, extra sexy pillow fort, Malavai. Suck it.”
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