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I agree with you in theory, but you have to remember that when WoW launched the hardcore MMO player-base wasn't as broad as it is now. The MMO-scene was basically an open canvas (Yes, yes, I know -- EQ. But WoW reached a broader audience), whereas now SWTOR is facing the challenge of keeping WoW veterans entertained (who are as good as professionally trained in consuming content). WoW also had the added bonus of making the top-tier virtually unreachable for the casual player, creating the illusion of endless content -- a design strategy most game companies seem to have moved away from.

This only applies to the WoW players who have picked up SW:ToR, obviously, and as someone stated they probably aren't the core of the target audience.
Agreed. I was just trying to compare launch content.

The point I was trying to make is that I do not believe it to be fair to demand more content in a game launch when the game has a fair amount to begin with. I personally do not see any major new content for a good few months. So the people who are just charging to 50 to reach the endgame might find themselves somewhat bored. Obviously this is an issue for Bioware but it is near impossible to make a game that will please everyone.
The biggest issue is like you say "who are as good as professionally trained in consuming content". People are just too quick/good at ploughing through a game compared to how it once was. I can tell you one thing though, if everyone were to play a Korean MMO they would no doubt be glad for the fast content/leveling curve of a Western MMO :P.
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