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06.13.2012 , 06:05 PM | #3
MK-6 is for all level 50 augments. If there is such a thing as MK-7, then it will not be in this patch. My assumption is that since they made MK-6 augment slot blue, then there will be a MK-7 that is purple and will potentially have 2 augment slots. Again, I'm going to assume here that MK-7 will not be actually in the game until 1.4 releases with the new tier of Operations.

Edit: I think that's a typo because everyone that I have been crafting with on the PTS has not heard of MK-7's. We have not done HM EC though, so maybe MK-7's are a drop from HM EC and you can only slot augment 25's in MK-7's. I don't think that is the case though because MK-6 specifically state that they allow for equipping of all level 50 augments.

Edit 2: Also, you cannot purchase MK-7 Slot Augmentation, only MK-1-6. Now I definitely think it's a typo.