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06.13.2012 , 04:41 PM | #7
Thanks for the suggestions, folks. But I'm really not interested in having my character take a name with hyphens and/or accented characters. It just seems really off to me and like I'd be some also-ran, when I was one of the first players and spent extra time, money and effort to secure this name.

I'd rather not get into a long discussion about how much this name means to me, but suffice it to say it means quite a lot. I've been using it for over twenty years and it has a personal connection to a family member who is no longer around.

Similarly, I don't want to reroll a new character from scratch with a new name. I'll probably be having alts, but to give up all the time I spent making this character special just seems like a waste.

It would be a different story if there was a chance I could wait for a transfer to another server where the name isn't used, but it seems that all the other RP-PVE servers on my coast are being closed.