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I haven't finished Corellia yet on Republic side but almost there. Either way it wins my vote mostly because the quests were very well laid out in a nice linear way that you aren't wasting time travelling back and forth like almost all the other planets. The Imperial ending was also a great scene which, I think, mimics the movie endings well.

From purely a storyline sense, competing against Thana on Taris was my favorite Imperial side. I skipped a lot on Republic side first time through so Corellia still would be it.

Honorary mention is the Dreadmasters storyline on Imperial side Belsavis. "We cannot be contained," just makes me laugh every time.

I personally hate Voss, mostly because majority of the quests are a grind and even getting places is a grind. (It probably doesn't help either that the environment reminds me too much of WoW :P)
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