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I feel your pain. My character name is already taken on EH also, and that is my destination server too. I'm not thrilled with it, especially since I bought my CE the day they were offered for sale, got into EA on the very first or second wave at 9 AM the first day, and did all that JUST to get the name "Syrin" for my character. To be honest I don't know why I was so invested in it THEN, but having done all that, it does chafe a bit that I am losing the name, at least spelled the way I want (I haven't checked the alternative spellings).

To be honest I am mildly toying with the idea of making a totally new character and killing off this one, mainly because I liked leveling JK so much I would not mind doing it again. But I'll have to see. Some is going to depend on what the guild does in the mean time, how many people transfer, if anyone else is getting killed off.

Another guy in the guild has a character with the name "Strife" that has a much longer pedigree across many games. Yeah he's gonna lose that one too, I'm sure. Ah well.

Unfortunately there is really no elegant way to do this. The people on EH had those names already, many probably since EA. They have as much right to the name as we do, whether or not they are actively playing that particular character. There's really little BW could have done once the mergers happened.

Well... there was one thing they could have done a year or two ago as they were designing the game: Make the unique character name identifier two strings instead of one. Then I could have been Syrin Malo and there could have been 1,000 other Syrins out there with other last names if they wanted. I will not ever be able to understand why BW couldn't have done this. Tying last name to legacy was an epic fail on their part... And if you think people are going to have trouble with first names wait till they try to re-create their legacy. Ugh.

Of course since "Malo" is my legacy name, and is named after Syrin (it's her last name), and I have to change her first name anyway, well... meh. Not gonna get ruffled about the last name when I can't keep the first name anyway. And none of my other characters can use it either way, so it's no skin off my other 7 noses.

Yeah so... this is frustrating but what can you do? They have to merge these servers.
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