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06.13.2012 , 02:09 PM | #6
I suggest you check the auction house for mod-able heavy armor, even for higher levels.
Additional, you can check standard heavy armor vendors on the different planets (usually at the starting area), sometimes they sell instead of a white item a mod-able chest, or check the commendation vendors, they often sell mod-able armor pieces.
Also HC2/4 Quests sometimes give mod-able equipment as reward.
Perhaps also just roam the republic fleet/station, and look at the equipment from other players. If you find a player using a nice chest piece you would like to use, then inspect him, and check for the item in the chest slot. Then google the item's name e.g., and see where you can obtain it.

I hope they will add a remove/show hood toggle, some of the jedi knight armor pieces look nice, if they won't have the hood showing...